Piper Skillman

Design offers endless possibilities to change the mood of a space, to invite play, contemplation, or foster sociability — all different ways to affect people’s experiences and behavior. For more than a decade, Piper Skillman has worked on projects across the globe including locations in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Southern California, London, India, and Louisiana. She has worked as an in-house designer, freelance designer and at design consultancies.

Initially Piper received her undergraduate degree in Industrial Design at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Nearly five years later she returned to school to study Interior Design in London and then went on to receive her Masters in Design from Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Though every project is different, she consistently strives to tell stories through space and in print; making sure the ethos of the brand or the character of the resident is reflected in the design. For residential clients, Piper wants their personality to shine through their space. A home should be personalized for the lifestyle of its occupants while also revealing what makes them unique. More than anything, she strives for emotive spaces. Whether they illicit a sense of adventure, tranquility, sexiness, domesticity – whatever tone speaks to the owner – is a result of her partnership with her clients.

For commercial clients fostering interaction becomes the focus — encouraging connections, new perspectives and a sense of experimentation. By recognizing the importance of creating engaging, holistic experiences, clients connect more fully with their consumers and foster a sense of loyalty to their store, bar, restaurants, cafe or boutique. Ultimately, she believes in creating spaces where people are at their best.