What your design style says about you


Your home decor may say much more about you than you realize. From country charm to urban sophistication, everyone has a personal style that gives others a glimpse into who they are. Do you love neutral tones and clean lines? You're likely to be timeless and classic. If your rooms are filled with eclectic items you've picked up on your travels, you probably possess an adventurous spirit. Here's what your home's style may be revealing about you:



Floral paintings hanging on the wall, antique cabinets that display family heirlooms, and the use of symmetry all mean you care about history and family traditions. You prefer staying close to home, enjoy getting to know your neighbors, and love participating in community events.



If you embrace the philosophy that less is more, tend toward crisp neutral palettes, and prefer small-scale multi-functional furnishings. You may be perceived as methodical, efficient, determined, and a bit of a perfectionist. Minimalists are often introverted adventurers.



Fearless when it comes to mixing patterns and styles, eclectic decorators pick pieces that speak to them no matter what time period they come from. They love using a variety of textures and are able to make chrome tables and oak chairs look as though they were born to be with each other. Eclectics are curious explorers and appreciate small details.



Rooms painted in dark tones, lush antiques, and furniture that's perfect for curling up in with a good book all point to you being a romantic personality. Romantics experience life with great intensity and often express themselves through creative work. They are empathetic listeners and loyal friends.

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