Five Great Home Decor Styles in 2017

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Homeowners in 2017 will find that many of the rules of design have changed. Just like runway fashion, each year brings new ideas, different colors, and unique looks to home styles. 

1. Pantone has already released its Pantone Color of the Year, "Greenery." The hue is cheerful, refreshing, and uplifting and is sure to give any room a terrific face-lift. A cross between lime green and apple green, Greenery evokes feelings of walking in the forest or sitting under a huge oak tree.

Not only can walls be painted in this newly curated color, but homeowners might consider using the color for accessories, furniture coverings, curtains, or painted floors. Many have called the new shade "bright" and "revitalizing." Just what the doctor ordered after a year that was complicated and confusing.

2. Elle Decor magazine suggests that mixed prints will be much sought-after in 2017. Similar to the Bohemian or Gypsy look that has been popular during the last decade, the mixed patterns that were in the spotlight during the recent New York Fashion Week, bring excitement, color, and stability to a room. The theory is to combine colors, patterns, and textures in an artistic and pleasant way.

3. Because of the movement toward de-cluttering, minimizing, and recycling, furniture, and appliances are being designed to "fold up." Dining room tables will have leaves that fold down. Stoves will have certain portions that will slide completely into the countertop. Stools are being designed in a honeycomb manner which can be folded like a book when not in use. There is even a bunk bed that, like a Murphy bed, folds up to the wall when not being utilized.

4. According to the Domain website, terracotta will make a big come-back this year. along with other warm and natural materials such as grained wood. The editors at House Beautiful point out that Benjamin Moore's 2017 Color of the Year is "Shadow," a deep, jewel-toned amethyst, another way to bring warmth, richness, and drama to a living space. Be on the lookout for more oxblood and terra cotta brick with a matte finish which will begin to appear in more new homes and in remodeling projects.

5. Forbes Magazine reports that homeowners will spend more on their laundry rooms this year because having state-of-the-art washers and dryers and beautiful surroundings makes everyone happy and is a good investment for resale. The idea that laundry rooms are throw-away areas began to fade in the last few years as families began to "doll up" their laundry stations. This year will see even more households working toward having laundry rooms that are downright luxurious.

Although it is interesting to discover what the experts are guessing will be popular concerning home styles and designs in today's world each year, it's always better to try a touch here and there before you take a dramatic leap.


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