Transform your home on a budget


Eight Tips to Transform Your Home on a Budget

When a full renovation is out of the question, there is a lot that you can do on a budget. These tips will help you create your dream home, even if you do not have a lot of cash to throw at the project. You will be shocked by how much of a difference even small, inexpensive jobs can make.

1. Change your bathroom and kitchen fixtures

A kitchen or bathroom renovation is going to cost a lot if you are tearing out tile and running new pipes, but you can change most of your fixtures for under $100. This has an instant and dramatic impact, both in functionality and in the aesthetics. You can get excellent modern shower heads, faucets and the like without having to break the bank.

 2. Tear out that old carpet

Is an old, worn-down carpet making your home look drab and dated? Tear it out and sand down the hardwoods underneath. It will take you a weekend of work, but it is not a hard job to do on your own. You only have to pay to rent an upright sander and for the polyurethane finish.

 3. Revive a bedroom with a fresh coat of paint

Paint is cheap. You can get high-quality interior paint for around $30 a gallon or less, and you may not need much more than that for a bedroom or a study. This is easily the fastest way to make a room look fresh and new with a minimal investment.

 4. Install modern light fixtures

Light fixtures add a lot to a home in the way of style. A chandelier from the 1930s could have that elegant, classic look, but it may also be very dated. Installing new light fixtures makes the whole room look modern at a glance, even though you did not really make any major changes.

 5. Add storage and reduce clutter

You can add storage space easily by getting an ottoman that opens up to reveal an interior compartment. This takes up no more space in your living room than a traditional ottoman, but you can fill it with clutter and make the room look clean and welcoming. Many people think that they need to renovate when they really just need to reduce clutter.

6. Remember the power of window treatments

Want to add some color that really pops without spending too much? Try getting some bright window treatments to hang up in a bland room. After just 30 minutes of work or less, that room is going to look vibrant and exciting. 

7. Add under-cabinet lighting to the kitchen

You can buy inexpensive lights that can be installed under your wall-mounted kitchen cabinets, over the countertops. These require no wiring because you simply plug them into the nearest outlet after you connect them to the underside of the upper cabinets with screws or with an adhesive, but they offer warm, soft lighting that makes your kitchen look elegant and modern. They are far cheaper than actual recessed lighting, but they have the same impact since they are hidden below the cabinets.

 8. Remember that less can be more

You do not have to buy everything that you want to renovate a room. Pick out the key design points that you care about most and focus on them. A minimalist style costs far less, it is fairly timeless and it makes your home look great with only a few small investments.

Don't let a small budget hold you back from the results you want. If you are willing to do the work yourself, you can cut the cost of all projects virtually in half. This also increases your feelings of ownership for the home and the design, so you are going to love it more than if you hire someone to do the work. Using these tips, just pick out the jobs that you think would have the greatest impact on your home, and start making these small upgrades and updates. You will love the end results and the fact that your wallet isn't much lighter.