Using Books as Decoration

Books are beautiful objects, and there is no denying that even though we can now read just about anything on a laptop, smartphone or tablet screen, real books look and smell special. If you are trying to think of a good way to accessorize your living room, bedroom or dining room, then using books as art pieces is a great way to do it. You can easily find collections of books you can use to decorate your home online and from local stores, and you can also just collect them from places like thrift shops and even yard sales. The key, when using books as decorative items, is not so much how much you want to read the content, but how it looks on a shelf or table.

What Kind of Books Make for Good Décor?

Usually, books that are used for decorative purposes are fairly old and have that weathered, well loved look. This means that if you are looking to buy books that don't belong to your own collection for this kind of purpose, you want to buy second hand books. There are plenty of used books dealers who will be well equipped to find you things that will look like they have been on your book shelf for a century even when you have just acquired them, so use this help where you can. Leather bound books have their own special look, as do hardbacks with their covers removed. For aesthetic purposes, sometimes even battered looking paperbacks can look great.

Fact or Fiction?

People are sure to look at your range of decorative books, and that means they are going to make assumptions about your interests from your book shelves when they visit your home. If you have chosen books purely because they look beautiful on your shelf, then you may not be able to talk in depth about their content, given you may not have read them. It is therefore often better to pick non fiction titles rather than novels as your decorative books. Using classics such as the stories of Dickens, Chaucer and Shakespeare can be a good idea because these are pretty much universal - people study them at school but even if you haven't read, say, Oliver Twist, you probably know what it is about. Outside of that, however, it can be a better move to go for non fiction even if it is out of date, like old atlases and dictionaries, rather than pretty looking books you have not read and can't talk about!

How to Use Books as Home Decoration

Books can look great in all kinds of home situations. Many people go for the option of filling a shelf or cabinet with their books so it looks like they are keen readers or provide books as a hospitality measure for their guests. Other interior design fans use books in alternative ways, for example getting a glass table top and using stacks of books as table legs.

Books can look great, and of course give you something to read. Incorporate them in your home décor to look smarter and more fashionable!