Lamps and layers

Believe it or not, when it comes to light it's all about layering. The first layer is overall ambient light that fills the space. This is your overhead lighting. We highly recommend avoiding fluorescents. Incandescent and halogen fixtures are the way to go. Once you establish your ambient light, layer in task lighting such as desk and table lamps. These light sources help you focus and see what you are doing during specific activities. Finally, layer in decorative lighting such as interior cabinet lights and picture lights that bring your artwork to life.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, we suggest taking a trip to your local Home Goods.  They have shelf after shelf of amazing lamps at astoundingly low prices.  For you web surfers, log onto for inspiration. And if budget isn't  an issue, head over to Jonathan Adler.  You will spend a little more but you'll walk away with gorgeous lamps that will last you a lifetime. Finally, don't forget about Ikea. They have an amazing selection of lighting for every layer.