Accenting with flowers


Fresh flowers will brighten up any room and are a great way to add some life into your space. Keep it simple and inexpensive. Remember, great interior design doesn’t need to come with a huge price-tag.

Go to your local corner or grocery store and buy a dozen roses (anywhere from $8-$12 typically in NYC). Find a small, clear, round vase and fill it with water and flower food if you have it. Cut the roses short so the stems are about 5 inches long. Place the roses 1 by 1 in the vase carefully opening each flower a bit with your fingers (you want a tight, full look). You now have a gorgeous arrangement ready for your favorite coffee table or nightstand! 

For a more modern look, go with an orchid.  The Home Depot has a huge selection of orchids from $15.00-$25.00.  You can’t go wrong!